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About me


Hi there, I am Dicky Hung, the founder of Photo Tells Story. I really enjoy photography, I love natural and resplendent style. I love to record the interaction between people. Seeing the happy reactions of people is the part I enjoy the most. Maybe this is one of the reasons which allows me to keep on being a photographer.

Here, I would like to give special thanks to my wife. Because of her support, I can spend a lot of time on learning new things in photography, thinking and creating new images, and also for letting me chase my dream...

Contact me

WhatApps: Click here

Phone: +852 55398717

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for family.  I will be more than happy to listen to you and discuss, suggest and propose ideas and ways to make your day even more memorable and fantastic. :) 


婚紗拍攝 | 情侶拍攝 | 家庭拍攝 | 孕婦拍攝 | 人像拍攝 | Family Photo | Pregnancy Photo | Couple Photo | Wedding Photo | Portrait Solo | WhatApps: Click here | Phone: +852 55398717

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